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HTML Pre-Touring Bromo (Bandung-T.Perahu 24-26 April 2006)

Overview Picture of Mount Bromo 3392 M and Mount Semeru 3676 M

HTML has the annual event of national touring with a long distance and the attractive destination.

In 2005 HTML Community attended to the Jambore Honda Tiger in Semarang Central Java but at that time I totally missed and regretfully I could not joined this special big event.

In April 2006 HTML has a very special touring agenda with long distance route to the national tourism object, Bromo Mountain East Java. Before to Bromo, I have joined with pre-touring to Bandung.

HTML always prepared the touring plan in professionally and good preparation. All participants who registered to join the touring event then she/he must warranty follow to the HTML basic rules like prior joining a pre-touring.

Pre-touring means a practicing before she/he joined to the real event. So, before HTML goes to the Bromo Mountain then HTML has another agenda just for a practicing with short route which called as “Pre-Touring HTML Goes to Bandung West Java” completed on 24-26 March 2006.


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