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HTML Touring Cisantana Kuningan, October 2005

This event held on October 2005. There were around 20 riders including girlfriends and wife who joined to this special event and wanted with a different purpose and destination. The committee called this event as HTML Touring Rohani especially for the Christian members who like to see Gua Maria at Cisantana Kuningan.

We start from our meeting point at Palbut around 08.00 AM and finished to our destination at the mountain resort and villa in Cisantana Kuningan around 06.00 PM. Some objects like Gunung Ciremai, hot spring waters and also the famous historical place of “Linggarjati” become major tourism objects around Kuningan West Java.

Actually, we stopped for lunch in Subang with a very special service and prepared by our brother Mr. Teddy Supriadi. He was very welcome with the visitors from HTML members whilst his position as the chairman of STOC Subang Tiger Owner Club.

There was a real brotherhood meeting and no distraction or conflict between “club and community”. All the member were enjoyed in STOC’s Home Base in Subang and what I can remember at that time was rain and some of riders sleep for a while before continue the journey to Kuningan.


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